Denture Wearers and Denture Sufferers

The video below shows how Dr. Bobbitt changed his patient’s denture into an implant-retained one that:

  • Doesn’t move when he eats.
  • Lets him smile anytime.
  • Gives him security when he speaks and when he sings.

Dr. Bobbitt provides all the necessary care in his beautiful downtown Nashua office.

He accepts patients with and without major insurance plans and offers multiple payment options.

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Patient Testimonial (posted on

joe p. sr.

My wife has been a patient of Dr Bobbitt for many years. She has told me how well she liked his work and how careful he was in all aspects.

I myself had not been to a dentist in many years. My old GI issued dentures were worn out. {Korean war vintage} What lower teeth I had left were broken, infected and decayed. Dr Bobbitt examined them and proposed that we pull the bad teeth make a new upper plate and install two implants to hold the lower plate. He did all of this in one afternoon with the help of a very capable assistant Donna, with very little pain. I had a temporary lower plate right over the stitches that same day and was able to eat a soft diet right away. I needed no pain killers. It was much better than I expected. It is over five months and my new teeth work just fine. I can bite into hard things with no problem. Best of all I can smile again.

I am completely satisfied with Dr Bobbitt’s work and would recommend him to anyone.