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Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Nashua, NH

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This patient had put up with chipped and broken dental work for almost a decade. He complained of spaces forming between his discolored front teeth and that he was “tired of having missing front teeth.” Dr. Bobbitt provided an anterior renovation level care that gave him a smile that he was confident to show and that his wife “raves about.”

Comprehensive Dental Work

This patient had a problem, he couldn’t eat well and had stopped going to the dentist many years ago – thinking nothing could be done to help him anyway. His two remaining upper front teeth bled when he brushed and were so loose, he couldn’t use them anyway. I fabricated a temporary upper partial denture to help him chew and give guidance to our local orthodontist. After 8 months of orthodontic therapy to align the lower teeth, I replaced his missing teeth and made a well-fitted removable lower partial denture to complete the interim phase of his reconstruction. He wants to have implants placed in the near future.

Cosmetic Smile Makeovers

This patient got tired of his crooked and loose front teeth. At age 34, he decided it was time to make a change. 2 years of orthodontic therapy and bone graft to support implants later, I removed the two loose front teeth and placed two immediate dental implants and prototype crowns. The final crowns were cemented at the 6-month mark for complete healing of the gums and bone graft while the implants integrated.

This patient had always thought that short, broken teeth were a normal part of aging rather than a pathologic process of wear and attrition. When he came to my office, he had broken a back tooth and wanted it repaired. I discussed the levels of dental care and advised him that a short-term solution like restoration-level repair would only delay the inevitable further destruction of his remaining teeth. He didn’t want to lose his teeth and opted for a full-mouth reconstruction that included implant supported bridgework, new fillings, a root canal, 15 porcelain crowns, 2 gold crowns, and a protective splint called a night guard. The patient said afterward, “I didn’t know it could be like this – I never want to see my old pictures again!”


This patient had acid reflux (GERD or “heartburn”) for several years before it was diagnosed. When she came to my office, her front teeth had been chipping – slowly being dissolved by stomach acid on the tongue side. They were almost “see-through.” Unfortunately, when teeth wear away, they over-erupt, so there was no space between the upper and lower teeth. I recommended that she see an orthodontist to re-establish the space and then to restore the 7 worn/chipped from teeth. She sought a second opinion from a local “cosmetic dentist” who advised her that she didn’t need braces – but could restore her appearance with 28 “DaVinci veneers.” Since the life expectancy of veneers averages between 12and 15 years in a healthy mouth, she decided that the difficulty controlling her GERD would compromise the dental work and we opted for braces and a combination of 7 crowns and veneers – leaving her intact teeth unscathed.

Dental Implants

This patient broke off the 4-tooth bridge that restored her front teeth and supported her removable partial denture. I repaired the two front teeth, extracted the two back teeth and placed the two implants to support a 3-tooth bridge that would support a new partial denture until she can complete the implants for the upper right side.

Implant Crown

This patient had a congenitally missing lateral incisor – it never formed. At age 18, I placed an implant and a temporary prototype crown to shape the gums on the same day. 90 days later, her final crown was cemented.

Porcelain Veneers

This patient didn't like her composite bonding. Her former dentist placed tooth-colored composite (“white filling”) veneers and did a root canal on her upper front teeth after an accident at age 21. Now at 27, the veneers were discolored and her front teeth were flaring apart. Dr. Bobbitt performed relatively simple restorative care to rebuild her teeth using porcelain veneers and a crown to create her fabulous smile.

Cosmetic Dentures

This patient was a 42-year-old single father. He struggled to make sure that his kids were taken care of—often at the expense of his own health and well-being. When his teeth became painful—though they had been unsightly and broken down for many years, he decided to make a change. He sought Dr. Bobbitt’s help to remove the badly decayed teeth and replace them with a set of immediate dentures. The plates went on the day his teeth came out—so he was never without teeth. He went back to work the next day with a “same-day” makeover that has earned him praise from his friends and co-workers.

Tooth Colored Filling

This patient lost a silver filling and broke her lower molar in the process. Though the tooth will need a crown, a composite filling was done on an emergency basis so that she could leave for vacation the next day!

Internal Tooth Whitening

1- This patient got hit in the mouth in a softball game several years ago. His front tooth died, was root canal treated and began to discolor about three years later. He had spent the last two years in Invisalign to straighten his crooked teeth and began to have pain in the tooth. I diagnosed an abscess of the root canal and recommended retreatment to decontaminate the previous root canal filling. In addition, I had just completed a similar treatment for his boss, so advised him that we could whiten his tooth, as well. Over a one-month period, I retreated the root canal, whitened the tooth and filled the root canal access hole.

External Tooth Whitening/Microabrasion

2- Enamel Microbrasion for Fluorosis – This patient had always hated the discoloration on her front teeth. No one knows how her front teeth got stained, but the most common reason was from an excess of fluoride. I applied a slurry of pumice and the mild acid to the stained areas and dissolved the discolored enamel with no damage or repercussions to the teeth. The process took about 45 minutes to do and needs no follow-up.

Trauma Repair

This patient had a skateboard accident and was NOT wearing a sports mouthguard. Dr. Bobbitt used restorative care to build a layered, composite filling, also called a “white filling.” He used his artistry, multiple colors and shades to restore the “shine” and “color” to make it look like a natural tooth.