Missing Teeth?

Already have a MISSING TOOTH or TEETH?

Consider this beautiful 20-year-old woman from Nashua NH.

At age 10, she fell out of a little red wagon and broke her front tooth into six pieces. Dr. Bobbitt created a lifelike repair using the pieces of her fractured tooth bonded together like a jigsaw puzzle. Because it broke under the gum line, we knew that day that it wouldn’t last forever–that she would lose the tooth, but his plan was to get her to adulthood with the temporary repair and the self-esteem of her own tooth.

Ten years later, she knew the time had come when her gums began to get infected and the root was dissolving. Dr. Bobbitt removed her tooth, placed the implant and restored her smile with a temporary crown so she could leave his office smiling that same day. Just 3 months later, her porcelain crown completed her new smile!


The temporary crown (left) was fabricated, colored, and polished chairside. At 60 days, the blue impression transfer coping (right) was placed into the implant. From a stone model of her mouth, the laboratory created a custom designed abutment (“crown attachment collar”) and a beautiful porcelain crown that was cemented just 90 days after the implant was placed. Although not all treatment can be accomplished in such a short time, it is possible in most cases!

Dr. Bobbitt offers same-day appointments when available, though we encourage patients to make appointments as far in advance as possible.

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